Japan National Championship

JAPAN National Championship

(2018 Japan National Championship Awards 1st: Yudai FUJITA(center) 2nd: Satoshi UEDA(right) 3rd: Tetsuhiro SUE(left))

It is the competition to be made the No.1 pilot of the year in Japan. The Japanese pilots who have had more than specified flight times can participate. In 1984, when the name became 'Saga International Balloon Fiesta', its championship was held for the first time. It has been held 34 times, but 25 out 34 times were in SAGA so far (2016).
This competition serves as a qualifying trial for the world championship, and its winner or higher-ranking winners will have chance to be the Japan representatives for the next or year after next FAI World Hot Air Balloon Championship.

History of Japan National Championship

1st1984Saga23 balloonsMasakazu OHIWA (Tokyo)
2nd1985Saga25 balloonsNobu'aki TSUJI'I (Shiga)
3rd1986Saga52 balloonsTohru AJISAKA (Tokyo)
4th1987Saga46 balloonsTakashi INA (Kanagawa)
5th1988Saga62 balloonsYou'ichi UCHIYAMA (Tokyo)
6th1989Kamishihoro(Hokkaido)Masahiko FUJITA (Tochigi)
7th1990Kamishihoro(Hokkaido)Ryo KOMATSU (Miyagi)
8th1991Saga64 balloonsYoshito USAMI (Tokyo)
9th1992Saga72 balloonsYoshikazu UEDA (Tokyo)
10th1993Saga76 balloonsYasuhiko ASAOKA (Kyoto)
11th1994Saga68 balloonsKazuhiko NISHIMURA (Kanagawa)
12th1995Kamishihoro(Hokkaido)Hiroshi KUMAZAWA (Tokyo)
13th1996Saga66balloonsYasuhiko ASAOKA (Kyoto)
14th1997Kamishihoro(Hokkaido)60 balloonsKaoru KAWASOE (Saga)
15th1998Saga57 balloonsMamoru ENDO (Mie)
16th1999Saga65 balloonsMon'ya KAJIYAMA (Saga)
17th2000Saga57 balloonsMasahiko FUJITA (Tochigi)
18th2001Saga57 balloonsTomoyuki ASANO (Tokyo)
19th2002Saga54 balloonsMamoru ENDO (Mie)
20th2003Suzuka(Mie)32 balloonsMasayoshi KAWAGUCHI (Saitama)
21st2004Saku(Nagano)Mamoru ENDO (Mie)
22nd2005Saga42 balloons Takao MIZUKAMI (Tochigi)
23rd2006Saga45 balloons Takao MIZUKAMI (Tochigi)
24th2007Saga44 balloonsYoshihiro MASUMOTO (Saga)
25th2008Saga38 balloonsYudai FUJITA (Tochigi)
26th2009Saga39 balloonsYoshihiro MASUMOTO (Saga)
27th2010Saga39 balloonsKazuyasu ISAKARI (Saga)
28th2011Suzuka(Mie)34 balloonsTakao MIZUKAMI (Tochigi)
29th2012Saku(Nagano)34 balloonsYudai FUJITA (Tochigi)
30th2013Saga37 balloonsYudai FUJITA (Tochigi)
31st2014Saga40 balloonsYudai FUJITA(Tochigi)
32nd2015Saku(Nagano)Yudai FUJITA (Tochigi)
33rd2016Saga(Saga Mayor's Cup)34 balloonsShiro KATAOKA (Aichi)
34th2017Saga37 balloonsSatoshi UEDA (Saga)
35th2018Saga42 balloonsYudai FUJITA(Tochigi)
-2019Not Held

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