Kase Riverside (Saga International Balloon Fiesta Grounds)

The Saga International Balloon Fiesta is held at the Kase Riverside, a river embankment roughly eight kilometers long north to south, stretching from Prefectural Road 267 Ikemoribashi-Bridge South, past National Road 34 Kase River Oohashi-Bridge and the JR Nagasaki Main Line Bridge (JR Balloon Saga Station), to National Road 207 Kase River Bridge.


By Car (Road Information)

See the link below for road information if you plan to drive to the fiesta grounds by expressway or toll road.

By Car (Parking Information)

See the link below for parking information if you plan to drive to the balloon fiesta grounds. [Map
If you come with a large vehicle such as camper van or RV, there are parking places for specific users of them. Please check following information.
[Parking Lots for Large Vehicles (Camper Vans, RV and so on)]
*For easy access to the fiesta grounds, we recommend that you use public transportation, such as Japan Railways (JR).

By Car ("Park & Ride")

We recommend that guests traveling long distances to the balloon fiesta grounds "park" their cars away from the fiesta, and "ride" a train to the fiesta grounds.

By Bus or Train

See the link below for routes and travel times to the Balloon Fiesta from the principal train stations in the vicinity, JR Saga Station, JR Yoshinogari-koen Station, JR Hakata Station, JR Nagasaki Station, and JR Kumamoto Station.

By Airplane

See the link below for routes and travel times to the balloon fiesta from the principal airports in the vicinity, Saga Airport and Fukuoka Airport.

About the Shuttle Bus Service between the Balloon Grounds and Parking within Saga City

During the Saga International Balloon Fiesta, there will be a shuttle bus service for guests parking in Saga City outside of the balloon fiesta grounds, running nonstop to the north side of JR Balloon Saga Station, behind the embankment on the east side of the Rest Station. Also, for ¥100 you can ride the shuttle bus loop between the balloon fiesta grounds, fiesta satellite event sites, and cooperating parking lots.

Guests with Children

Located outdoors alongside a river, the balloon grounds are very spacious and contain embankments and uneven ground. Furthermore, the grounds become quite crowded, occasionally restricting visibility. Therefore, we ask that you supervise children at all times.

Guests with Pets

The balloon grounds are very crowded, and small children also attend the event. Therefore, we ask that you see the link below for points bear in mind if you choose to bring a pet.

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