Hot Air Balloon Honda Grand Prix

2019 Hot Air Balloon Honda Grand Prix


Hot Air Balloon Grand Prix Management Organization(Air-B)

Supporting Company

Honda Motor Co. Ltd

Official Recognition

Japan Aeronautic Association(JAA)


【Rd.1】 Tochigi-city Watarase Balloon Race 2019

April 5 (Fri) ~ 7 (Sun), 2019
Fujioka Watarase Undo Park, Tochigi City, TOCHIGI [MAP]

【Rd.2】 Saku Balloon Festival 2019

May 3 (Fri)~5 (Sun), 2019
Chikuma Riv. Sports Koryu Hiroba, Saku City, NAGANO [MAP]

【Rd.3】 Ichinoseki・Hiraizumi Balloon Festival 2019

Oct. 12 (Sat) ~ 14 (Mon), 2019
Ichinoseki Mizube Plaza, Ichinoseki City, IWATE [MAP]

【Rd.4】 2019 Saga International Balloon Fiesta

Oct. 31 (Thu) ~ 4 (Mon), 2019
Kase Riverbed, Saga City, SAGA [MAP]

【Rd.5】 Suzuka Balloon Festival 2019

Nov. 22 (Fri) ~24 (Sun), 2019
Suzuka Riverbed, Suzuka City, MIE [MAP] / Suzuka Circuit

*Schedules are subject to change.

What is 'Hot Air Balloon Grand Prix'?

Current 'Hot Air Balloon Honda Grand Prix' has started as the 4th round of '1993 Japan Grand Prix'. In 1995, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. became one of the sponsors and it is renamed as 'Hot Air Balloon Honda Grand Prix'. In 1998, when the next year of FAI World Hot Air Balloon Championship in Saga for the 2nd time, 'Hot Air Balloon World Honda Grand Prix' which were including domestic and overseas competitions, started then, and the domestic competitions were renamed 'Hot Air Balloon Japan Honda Grand Prix'.

In Saga, the first domestic grand prix in 1993 was held and World Honda Gran Prix was also held in 2001.
'Hot Air Balloon Honda Grand Prix' was closed with good fame in 2006, and its title has been altered to 'Hot Air Balloon Honda Grand Prix' , which has been held up to now.

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