40th Anniversary Events

Special Event; Honda Racing Machine Demonstration


Nov. 4, 2019 (Mon.) PM


(Demonstration)The Road along the Launch Area in Kase Riverbed
(Talk Show)Balloon Hiroba Stage, Kase Riverbed Main Area

The Parade of 2019 Saga International Balloon Fiesta 40th Anniversary

There is the special parade to mark 40th anniversary of our event with local high school bands on the main street in down town, Saga City.


Nov. 2 (Sat.) 2019 13:00〜14:00


Chuo Oh-dori, the main street in down town
[Start]Matsubara 2 Junction [Goal] Tojin 1 North Junction唐


[13:00〜] Saga Shogyo High School Baton Twirlers and Band/ Honda Cars / Saga Seiwa High School Band/ Classic Cars
[13:30〜] Tokyo Disney Resort Special Parade

'The Icarus 5' (the first manned flight balloon in Japan) comes for the first time in our event!

In 1969, Tokyo Icarus Shoten Group made its enverop and gondola. In this time, Icarus 5 will appear as one of the Fantasia Balloons loading the burner manufactured by Exploring Club of Hokkaido University.

Assembly of Honda Grand Prix Host Cities' Balloons

There are five host cities held for Hot Air Balloon Honda Grand Prix, including Saga. Its competition is contended for victory with total score of 5 rounds. 4 balloons from each host cities assemble at Saga International Balloon Fiesta for this time.


  • Rd.1 Tochigi-city Watarase Balloon Race 2019
    The Heartland (Fantasia No.121)
  • Rd.2 Saku Balloon Festival 2019
    Hokuto no Ken (Fantasia No.120)
  • Rd.3 Ichinoseki・Hiraizumi Balloon Festival 2019
    The Ougon no Kuni Ichinosek-Hiraizumii (Fantasia No.119)
  • Rd.5 Suzuka Balloon Festival 2019
    The Verdi 3 (Pacific Cup No.36)

Saga Balloon Popular Vote (Tie-up with JR Kyushu, Kyushu Railway Co. )

At ticket booths of JR capital stations in Kyushu, Special Balloon Train Ticket Envelope are distributed widelyas a memory of Saga International Balloon Fiesta 40th Anniversary. These envelopes are to vote which balloon you like and as an application form for lots and presents. Please vote with the envelope at the polling place in the event area and you might win by the lottery and get some local specialties of Saga.

Distribution Term

Oct. 1 (Tue.) to Oct. 31 (Thu.)
※It will end when all the stock has been distributed.

Time to Vote for a Package

Oct. 31 (Thu.) to Nov. 2 (Sat) 2019
※Only for 3 days.

Polling Place

In Balloon Fiesta Event Area(In front of Balloon Information Center around downstairs of JR Balloon Saga Station

40th Anniversary Special Exhibition 'Track of Sky'

In Saga Balloon Museum, Ozora no Kiseki, (Track of Sky) is held as specail exhibition. There are some invaluable references contributed by citizens and media archives. You can enjoy the history, spirits, and efforts of our event.


Oct. 1 (Tue.) 2019 to Nov. 29 (Fri.)


Saga Balloon Museum [MAP]


10:00〜17:00(Last admission: 16:30)
※During Saga International Balloon Fiesta: 7:00〜19:00(Last admission: 18:30)

Balloon 'Memory' Photo Contest

Saga Balloon Museum offers prizes to your memory of balloon photos as the 40th anniversary.

Applicant Guidelines

The theme is 'Memories with Balloons', and it is judged not only photographing techniques but also stories of its work.

Application Period

【Closed】 By Sep. 17 (Tue.) 2019 ※It should be postmarked on or before Sep 17. /p>

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