[11/06 AM] Balloons of Pacific Cup (main competition) take off from the main event area.

The 5th day, Nov. 6 Sun. AM, 2022

Pacific Cup

Balloons take-off all at once at Event Launch Area.(Mass Ascent)

Task 10

[Pilot Declared Goal / PDG]

It is the game that pilots declares his or her goal before their takeoff, and they drop the marker off approaching. They need to read the direction and speed of wind with map accurately.

Task 11

[Fly On / FON]

This game is always held with the combination of other tasks. At first, pilots drop markers of anther task. At this time, they need to write where to drop next.

Task 12

[Juge Declared Goal / JDG]

Balloons fly to the goal which the Event Director ordered. It is usually 4 to 6 km away from the goal. The pilots drop the marker toward the center of the target and the winner who drop to the nearest get 1000 points.

Last Modified: 2022.11.06

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