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Mietsu Naval Dock

Mietsu Naval Dock was registered in the World Heritage List as 'Sites of Japan's Meiji Industrial Revolution: Iron and Steel, Shipbuilding and Coal Mining'. (July 2015) It is the valuable and important historical spot to know the process how Japanese installed Western marine technology and how they modernized by theirselves.
It is also the oldest extant dock for repairing Western-style ships in Japan.


Tunetami Sano Memorial Museum(Hayatsue, Oaza, Kawasoe-machi, Saga)




Mondays (closed on the following day if Monday falls on a holiday or substitute holiday), December 29 - January 3


30 minutes from JR Saga Station on the Saga City Bus Hayatsue Line 5-minute walk from the Tsunetami Sano Memorial Museum Iriguchi bus stop

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Mietsu Naval Dock(Saga Pref.)
Saga City Transportation Bureau


Shichimensou Festival

Shichimensou is the annual grass of Chenopodiaceae and it is about 20cm to 40cm high. It grows the place which can pour sea water over itself at high tide and become dry beach at ebb tide. Moreover, it should be less wind wave and tidal stream. Shichimensou is very precious grass and it starts turning red from early November and the entire tideland is dyed red eventually.


Kantaku Yoka Park ( 2885-2 Shimokoga Oaza Higashiyokamachi, Saga-shi )


During the event period, the Shuttle Bus will be run from the Saga International Balloon Festa to Shichimensou Festival.
[Operation Dates] 11/2(Sat)〜11/4(Mon)
[Fare] 200Yen for one way(Cash Onle)

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Shicimensou Festival(Institute Saga City Tourist Association)

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